Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Christmas Season in Review

We are blessed to have such incredible families and like so many to spend Christmas visiting and enjoying them all. It may have included burning up 20-59 a couple of times :) But the car rides gave us a little time to rest between trips. This year the cousins are all at such wonderful ages for Christmas that it was magical to watch their joy. You know I took a million and one pictures. So this may be a long post.

Saturday December 22nd..... Cookie Decorating in T Town

When we were first married I wanted to establish all kinds of traditions. One was the cookie decorating party for family at Christmas hosted at our house. We used to bake all sorts of kinds of things to hand out to neighbors and friends. People would get really into decorating sugar cookies, I distinctly remember some Stars Wars themed cookies. Those parties have been suspended in recent years because of logistics and little ones. But this year I wanted to reinstate them on a smaller scale since Aunt Robin and Aubrey Kate were in town. I made the sugar cookies and base icing from scratch and they both turned out really well. And to keep things simpler and cleaner I used the packs of icing for colors. They came out yummy and simple.

Later that night the fours of us went down to Christmas on the River. (It is really called Holidays on the River but you know what they mean ;) ) We were too little for ice skating but we did ride the carriage ride and Noah now has a thing for horses. We also did a few Random Acts of Kindness which I a wonderful idea I have been wanting to incorporate into our Advent Traditions but couldn't get coordinated. Maybe little by little. We had a sweet night with the four of us getting ready for Christmas.....

Monday ...Christmas Eve...
Christmas Eve is spent with Nana and Puddin in Birmingham. We have a delicious lunch, play with cousins, open presents, visit Lakeside Baptist Church for the Christmas Eve service and sing Happy Birthday Jesus and share birthday cake. I paticulary love the Christmas Eve service and this year Noah held his own candle. It was so sweet. Adam and I got married in this church and I always love to visit the sanctuary where we made our vows. There is a new baby in the family, Rhys. So I tried to get my fill of sweet baby love. Aubrey Kate is getting so big and is such a great talker! Nana and Puddin of course spoiled us all.

Run Uncle Chris run

Teenage Aubrey Kate

Happy Birthday Jesus.

Give me that cake!

After this we headed back to Tuscaloosa and were up really late helping Santa ;)  We fell into bed exhausted but feeling so blessed and loved.

Tuesday Christmas Day.....

We woke up to find Noah had already opened his presents and some of Miller's! Opps. After enjoying the boys revel in Christmas morning we packed up for a few days and headed back to Birmingham to Mimi and Papa's. Unfourtunely I left my camera in its bag most of the day. I was too relaxed and sleepy. Mom decorate her packages with beautiful photographs of the people they were of. It was so fun to see everyone under the tree like that. I have been wearing my Christmas present for a couple of weeks...beautiful riding boots and shoes for school. But of course my parents surprise and spoil me. And my boys. Miller and Lillie got matching Schwinn tricycles. So much fun. Mimi and Papa's house was filled with joyful noise, joy and love and cousins! Regardless the day felt so relaxed and easy going. And filled with yummy food and treats. I could barley move. After all the festivities we headed to Nana's to spend the night. Such a beautiful celebration of Christmas. I hope Christ felt all the joy between our families! And was honored by our love. 

Wednesday and Thursday....
These days we spent time going back and forth a bit between families. Robin and Chris were able to steal a few days alone and the Evans cousins were at Nana's with us and we loved getting to spend some time with them. Adam and I got to see The Hobbit together in a very late night date. Thursday I got to squeeze the neck of my best friend and her husband and kiss her sweet daughter. We also made a trip to New York Pizza and Zoolight Safari with Nana, Puddin, Mimi, Papa, and the cousins! We were just missing Jenny, Jason , Mike and Lillie. I love Zoolight. I get more excited than the kids...

It was a fun way to end Christmas and head back to Tuscaloosa just so full of love and blessings! Tired but thankful! 

Yesterday we headed back to Birmingham to honor what we gave Nana for Christmas...a photo shoot of her grandchildren. But those are for another post.......  We took Xander home with us for some more cousin fun. Just enjoying our time off with each other and our little ones. Hope your Christmas was just as memorable! 

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