Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Pumpkin

The night before Halloween we finally got around to carving our Jack O Lantern. I love pumpkin carving. To me it has great symbolism for the season. It is the start of the Holidays. Christmas is such a special gift to us. And to prepare we get  a whole month full of Thanksgiving. But before we become truly thankful and reflective we have to do some cleaning out. in order to shine out for God we have to scoop out some gunk and make some room. The past few months have been really busy and stressful at school and I have been overwhelmed. At times I have let that really bring me down. And the message God has been giving me is to soldier on. I can do that if I daily scoop out my gunk, cast it aside and make way for His light to shine through me to others. Noah named our pumpkin Smokey. And we put him on the porch, Noah proclaimed..."Look everyone Smokey swallowed a candle" .
Adam starts to prepare Smokey.

I bake and assemble treat bags for the boys school festivities. 

Noah examines the guts. 

Miller checks them out too. 

32 treat bags. 

Smokey on the porch. 

Smokey's gunk. All hallowed out. Shine on. 

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