Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Halloween Cuteness

Noah has concluded that his birthday comes after Halloween. Just how far after he can't really wrap his head around. So Halloween in his mind has been super-sized. CANDY and BIRTHDAY. Miller has also discovered the importance of candy. Or tandy as he pronounces it. Miller dressed up as a sweet dinosaur.

Noah was dead set on being Iron Man.

 I fear his days of accepting any of my influence over his costume are over. Last Friday they had a fall festival at school complete with a hayride and pumpkin patch. Monday night we joined the Tuscaloosa tradition of trick or treating on Sorority Row. (Miss Laura's Alpha Chi's were the sweetest....) it was our warm up to the annual Waldrop Halloween Party. Noah threw up at school and had to come home. We are pretty sure it was from excitement since he didn't have a repeat performance and ate like a champ. After discussing it with our hosts, we decided to let him trick or treat anyway at their encouragement. So Ironman and Dinosaur had a great time and even posed with Ariel.


 My neighborhood gets really excited about holidays!! They take it to extremes with mazes, blow ups and haunted houses and of course hayrides.

This year one house had a Pirates of the Caribbean set up complete with sand, a shipwreck, flags and torches. The picture doesn't really do it justice.

Miller was so excited about trick or treating and would bounce his way to the door to say "treet" and "tank chew". He was so bouncy he spilled most of his candy.

Noah was not a fan of his mask and was worried most of the night about where they hayride would pick us up and having both me and Adam in his sight line. I think he might come by worry naturally. But all of his woes were washed away after pouring out his candy and examining it all.

All in all I rank it on up there with some of my favorite memories of the boys. Nothing produces smiles as big as a table covered in candy. And for this mom the joy of my children!

Bring on November ;)

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