Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Day We Pretended to be Alabama Fans

It is just easier. Adam had a College of Engineering Tailgate for Homecoming. To be supportive we went dressed in red. Noah LOVES football. He cheers for both teams. Which is probably a good choice. We get half off tuition and most of his friends are relentless in giving him a hard time for being an Auburn fan. I knew he would love the parade and being a at a big tailgate. We even went with some friends to the Walk of Champions. Which lets be totally stolen form the Tiger Walk. Noah had so much fun! Miller did too. I enjoyed spending the day with them and didn't think about work or laundry or my dirty house once.

My new favorite picture of the boys! 

Noah mesmerized by the Crimsonettes! 

Here is was enthralled by the cheerleaders. Who he later said was his favorite part. 

Adam who was sort of working.

Miller and his crackers! 

Playing football with Noah.

Noah was Alabama. Adam was Auburn. Alabama beat them bad. Sounds about right for this year. 

I just love it. 

Noah at the Walk of Champions.

Don't worry. I still bleed orange and blue. Even when we loose  63-21.  But  UA  pays the bills. And Noah likes them and I will do just about anything to see that look on his face. We have an Auburn game on the calendar. We figure tickets will be easy to come by...... 


Catie said...

Clearly, I love this post! ;) We almost came for the festivities as well, but with all the fall festivals we have had going on I was just. too. tired. Oh, and my boys LOVE the cheerleaders too- Timothy can spot one across the quad :)

Robin said...

We know what it's like to be loyal to two teams. And I'm hopeful Chris will be teaching at a college when the kids are ready for degrees. The tuition break would be nice. You gotta dance with the one who brung ya and for y'all, UAT does that. Great pictures of the boys! So precious.

Laudan said...

I don't blame you! :) Your pictures are AWESOME!! You are definitely talented!! And your boys are adorable!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Love the pics! When Noah was telling me that evening you all went to the 'Walk of Champions' I had no idea what that was, like our "Tiger Walk" helps me to get a better visual. So funny!
Our happy sweet Noah's face makes me smile too. We've all been blessed whatever color you wear.
Love, Nana