Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Cousin Shower

This weekend we headed down to Pensacola, FL to celebrate my cousin Michael and his sweet wife Freedom as the are expecting to welcome their first child into the family in September. Michael is the cousin closet to my age and we were thick as thieves back in the day. So many wonderful memories. The family gathered to shower them. We showered them with a new generation of little cousins. Oh my these cousins are a trip together! But so much fun. And when we are running around after them I just think about all the new memories they are making. We did get to stop off at the beach for a little bit. Gone was Noah's fear of the ocean. He jumped right in and tried to catch fish and explored like crazy. He was a delight to watch. It was a quick weekend but a very good one! We can't wait to meet Gabriel! 

Grandparents, Uncle Harold and Freedom's mom documenting gifts.

Michael and Freedom are huge UGA fans!

Aunt Joyce

They are the cutest couple!

My cousin Louann and Xander

Our gift. Confession.... they did such a good job pretending they had no idea what was in the gift ;)  I had showed them the night before, couldn't wait.Sweet outfit and puppy lovie in a personalized UGA themed bucket. 

Jenn had this made as part of her present. Lillie has one like it. She thought it was for her:)

Uncle Harold

Miller is all about dogs these days. He also has no concept  of boundaries.

Love this picture Em snapped for us! After I edited out my fat arm and body as much as possible!

I think Noah loved Uncle H as much as I do!

Miller always sits this way to play. Weird.

Me and Michael. 

Beach boys.

Yeah, we broke this hammock. My new low carb lifestyle started Monday.

Me and my little sister!

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Mom said...

Thanks for documenting the wild but wonderful weekend of cousins! It was such fun. It really doesn't seem quite that long ago that you and Michael were the ones running around with a little, bitty Emily chasing after you. The only one who hasn't changed is good ol' Uncle Harold.