Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Missing

Tomorrow morning I am headed out for an amazing all expenses paid actually getting paid to go on trip to New York City and San Francisco. The Teaching American History Program I have been a part of for the past seven years is coming to an end and we thought we'd go out with a bang by taking a bi coastal look at immigration. It is going to be a great trip with lots of things crammed into every little minute. But I will be so sad to leave these little ones behind. Miller has turned into quite a momma's boy these past two weeks. I will miss his constant hugs and kisses. Noah has become quite the jokester and my little hero. I will miss him dearly. And of course Adam :) Luckily they will have excellent care while I am gone, staying with Nana and playing some with Mimi and spending the last few days having quality time with Dad they might not notice I am gone.

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