Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Iced Coffee

When Noah was just a tiny baby I tried to get hooked on coffee. I needed some energy and it seemed to work for other people. But it just seemed like a lot of hassle. Get out the pot. Put the beans in the filter. Wait. Yada, yada.  I like the idea of it but not the process. I'm more of a "Let's get together for coffee and then order a hot chocolate or white mocha latte" kinda girl. Then comes Miller and his mobility. Step back to last summer with me for a second. I'm in the "I'm a good mom " zone. It is a dangerous place to be. Full of pride. And you know what they say about pride. It comes before the fall. I was doing crafts, teaching Noah, taking them both to the library and barnyard, etc. Every week had a cute theme. Noah loved every second of it and Miller was this adorable little baby that people stopped to look at in the grocery store. Come back to the present. Miller is mobile and in to everything. The phrases "keep your hands off your brother" and "share you two" are muttered, whispered and yes even sometimes shouted hundreds of times a day. People no longer stop to admire how cute my boys are , they stop and stare. Probably wondering about how the free Publix cookie can make that much mess and why I am pushing the Car Cart but keeping Noah and Miller separated into different compartments. (Sometimes older grandmotherly women will stop me and say things like I remember those days, or I miss mine being so little and I take their words to heart and know that yes one day I will wish I can stuff my boys back in the car cart and be the referee.) Three weeks into summer we have had one themed week. This week, its farm week. We did one craft. The table got painted. But I keep going forward braving the library, grocery store and Children's Museum. But I do really need that coffee habit. So can you guess how excited I was to find this carton of iced coffee??? All the caffeine and taste without the hassle. I really do think it must have been invented by a mom.

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Mom said...

Yor are raising super hero's! I think coffee is a good idea....will help you keep up with all the special powers.
Great story. I love your life :-)