Friday, May 25, 2012

The Summer Has Begun

Summer started around these parts. We are planning to ease in to it. Since this year daycare switched to pay by month the boys have one more week at school. Today they went a half day while I ran errands. Next week I plan to clean, organize and get ready for all our fun plans for summer crafts in the morning and make the most of our afternoons. Like we did today in Miss Jennifer's slide!
Cade in the water slide
Miller and his version of water play. 

Two sweet neighbors have a birthday party tomorrow and found these adorable chairs at Walmart and decided to personalize them with some cute cups to match. I was so excited about how they came out (and wasn't sure how to wrap them) that I went ahead and gave them to them tonight. So cute!


Anonymous said...

That is too cute! That was a great idea! I can see my grandkids names on some of those chairs :)
We'll talk. Love you.

Mimi said...

I was just thinking the same thing......chairs I'm my yard with all their names on them......