Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Lost Tooth

Before Noah was even one he had a series of accidents at school that pushed one of his front teeth forward a good bit.(Read about it here) It was always a source of guilt for me. Because obviously he wouldn't have accidents if were at home with me ;)

Today I was in a meeting on my prep period and I come back to my phone and three missed

calls from daycare and an email from Adam. Worst nightmare. Noah had an accident. He had fallen and knocked out that little tooth. He bled a good bit, was scared and cried and cried. And I missed the phone calls. Adam of course went up there, picked Noah up got him a milkshake, and called the dentist. He is such a good father.

Noah told me over the phone that the Tooth Fairy was going to bring him a blue race car. Note taken. He sounded good and just excited.

After I hung up, I cried. I wanted to be the one to pick him up. I wanted to buy him ice cream

and talk about the tooth fairy. Hug him and hold him. I was mad at that meeting. I was mad I left my phone. I told my intern, "This is that part of being a working mom that really sucks."

But it wasn't thirty seconds after seeing this face....

all the frustration, guilt melted away. Adorable. It might take two years to get his tooth in. I don't mind one bit. How adorable!

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Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you missed that moment with Noah. We've all had those missed calls. It's such a blessing Adam could be there for Noah. Milkshake, a talk and a hug soothes most of my worries too. :)
You are cute Noah!!
Love, Nana