Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Into Everything Sick One and His Never Still Brother

Our week of being shut ins at home is coming to an end.(Tuesday I did go to a workshop I couldn't miss, Nana came and kept the boys for us! We are very thankful for her help! And the boys were glad to have her spoil them a bit.)
Tomorrow we all head back to school. I think we all enjoyed our stolen days together despite the little fever, ugly rash and some whining along the way. I will say this.... this summer is going to be busy. Miller has been walking just over a month but wow what a difference. This little stinker is in to everything!! Noah wasn't like that much. We may have to reevaluate our child proofing needs. Currently we just have plug covers in place because they are rarely out of our sight for very long. But since Miller's new favorite thing is trying to figure out the child proof caps on the floor cleaner that might change! Don't be alarmed

by these pictures. The tops never came off and I was within an arms reach. I just wanted to document my little rascal being rascaly. Despite the innocent look on his face in the first picture.

I included this one to ask if anyone has good recommendations for under eye wrinkle cream. I look fifty and tired.

In order to keep the rascal out of trouble I brought the Cozy Coupe indoors. Both my boys thought this a super cool idea.

Still trying to figure out that cap. Thank you Fabulose Floor Cleaner for making a good child proof cap. You are well worth the 1.19 I paid for you at Walmart.

This week has made it clear that this summer will need to include a plan. Some activities. Some outdoor time. Some down time. These two are going to be running circles around me.

As I help Miller in my lap during a temper tantrum, I felt tired and defeated longing for a nap, until I remembered that these days are numbered. The number of times where I hold him in my arms, where he reaches out for me to hold him for comfort are limited. Soon he will be four and my kisses will give him cooties. Before long they will both be fourteen and I will have to drop them off at the back of the parking lot so I don't embarrass them. And not long after that they will be thirty and I will have to love them by holding their children in my arms and keeping their sick babies when they are low on sick days and doing their laundry . So I cherish the rascal and his brother and their cars scattered all over the house. I treasure the fact that at four thirty Miller turns into a barnacle attached to my side and can't be put down while I cook dinner with one free arm. I treasure even the chances to love Noah through discipline even when I feel like it has effect. Because I know these crazy days are numbered and one day I will wish for them back.


Mom said...

Hmmmmm. Makes teaching high school history a walk in the park.....almost like getting a rest.....but clearly not nearly as adorable?????

Mom said...

These pictures give "child proof your home" a whole new slant....what worked for 4 little grandchildren might not for #5.