Monday, February 27, 2012

The Disease

If you live in Alabama......

beware of the super strand of Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease.

Thursday I got a dreaded call from Daycare at school. Miller had been crying for an hour and running a low grade fever. I gave permission for Tylenol and they got him to sleep. After school and two short committee meetings and picked up the boys thinking that he probably had an ear infection. Again. But he had some strange sores on his chin that I didn't remember seeing at breakfast. His teacher said they were all over his legs and his bottom. Uhmmm.

Thursday was a gorgeous day and my neighborhood was outside in full force. Kids everywhere. My favorite kind of afternoon. I have one neighbor down the street who has four little ones and is the expert on childhood sicknesses. She has seen just about everything. I carried Miller down the street, pulled off his little pants and let her assess. That looks like Hand Foot and Mouth she

says. I was just reading about the super strand that breaks out all over their body. Nice.

In my head I am running over all the children we have exposed. My niece, nephew, all the babies at Wednesday night church. And now everyone on the street. One of my favorite friends just had a baby I was hoping to go and see. Scratch that plan.

Our pediatrician confirmed my neighbor's diagnosis. He also said it was highly contagious and could take a week to run its course. We have been shut ins for several days. And treating Noah as if he is contagious too. It is answered prayer that he hasn't gotten it yet. Today the three of us are trying to enjoy our day home from school together.

Miller has gotten stir crazy! Adam went to the grocery store yesterday and left the front door cracked a little. Miller ran to it, opened it, waved and said "bye" walked out and shut the door behind him. He didn't go past the porch but he was laughing and laughing. We have kept Miller in pjs 24/7 in attempts to keep him from scratching. Apart form the twice daily wrestling matches to get his antibiotics down he has been a good little patient.

Wash your hands folks. And use that sanitizer. Especially at those sneaky Chick Fil A playgrounds.


stephanie said...

My baby girl has it right now too. Her bottom is so bad that she hasn't even been able to wear a diaper for the past 48 hrs. She has the super strand, I'm afraid, with sores all over her legs and bottom.

Laura said...

oh carrie i'm so so sorry! i hope y'all are able to make the most of your time together and you all feel much better super soon!

Laudan said...

I am SO sorry Carrie!! That sounds terrible, I hope he feels better very soon!! It makes me not want to leave the house hearing about that!

Carrie said...

Thank you for all the thoughts and prayers! Stephanie that sounds terrible! I hope she feels better soon! It is so sad to see that terrible ugly rash of sores! Laudan I am so sad to have to put off meeting Luke! Just like Kate and Bec, my kids get jealous when I want to go meet new babies I guess ;)