Monday, January 9, 2012

The Upcoming Annivesary

I am sitting in the living room watching the national championship. I am finding myself cheering internally for Alabama. I needed to distract myself before it comes out vocally. (Someone get me down to the Plains soon!!) So I thought I would do a little blog post on this handsome man.

We are celebrating our seventh anniversary this weekend. They say the seventh year is the worst. I however have high hopes for this year. When Adam and married each other as young twenty three year olds, we had no idea where live would take us. Or where it wouldn't take us. But here we are more in love today than that day. I may not be any closer to understanding his humor or his reasoning behind some choices that catch me off guard but I have no doubt that he is putting me and the boys before any of his own desires or cares. Just look at the shape his shoes are in or count the number of times he has run back to the store to pick up something without complaint. Or log the number of hours watching the Bachelor. Or listening to my plans for the house or our children with endless patience. I am thankful that he still makes me feel beautiful when he smiles at me. I am thankful we have the same idea about what to do with our time together away from the kids. Sleep. I am thankful he knows what to do when I go into stress overdrive. I am grateful he understands the power of baths, chocolate and a glass of wine. I am thankful I have learned how to talk him down from worries and anxieties. (Somewhat) I am thankful for his strength when he held my hand as I brought our sons into the world. I am thankful that when I feel like things are falling in pieces around me he helps me pick them up. I am thankful he thinks I am cute when I cry. I am thankful for the kind of father he is. I am thankful that when I lose my joy and the world gets dark he helps me find the light. I am also grateful to understand more that no matter how amazing he is (and he is very) that he is not my world. He is not my everything. Jesus is. Jesus is perfect where Adam is not. Adam has seemingly endless patience but Jesus really does. Adam is my very best friend. But Jesus fills my soul like no other could. I am grateful that Adam loves that about me.

And I am oh so happy I said yes! Happy Anniversary Love! Here is to the best year yet!!!


Caroline Hester said...

What a sweet post! I hope to find someone that is as good to me as Adam is to you. And that I would want to write a sweet post about like this :) Happy Anniversary to you two lovebirds!

Anonymous said...

chemWe love and adore you both! Happy Anniversary!

Anonymous said...

Sorry! I don't know what 'chem' means! I hit something wrong:) Tired from that game last night-need sleep.Sandra

Dad said...

He is a great guy.
Happy anniversary and may the future years be just as adventrous, new, and exciting. M
May you grow together in love and may you grow old together with grace.


Mom said...

Growing old together in love and with grace. I like that. I second that! Happy Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Jones. I love you both so much!