Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Mother of Boys

Sometimes my life feels like this.

And I want to get out and do something girly. But I wouldn't trade it or them for anything!

Well....maybe some quiet?

I hope they feel how much I love them. Even the wrestling. Even the noise. Even the mess. Where I once dreamed of ballet recitals and tea parties I dream instead of football games and camp outs. And muddy little shoes. As long as the let me kiss them whenever I want....I'll save the tea parties for my nieces!


Mom said...

It's amazing how girlie you can look wit those two little "ruffians" climbing all over you! It's quite a good look for you...and cheaper then Clinique.

Dad said...

You had muddy little shoes


Mom said...

Your shoes were often muddy....but they were girlie pink.