Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Early Intervention

Over the past several months we have been worrying just a tad about Miller Biller. He is just a few days shy of being seventeen months. And he wasn't walking or talking. Our doctor recommended at his fifteenth month appointment to Early Intervention. After some interviews and observations Miller qualified for services in motor development and speech. And then three days later he started doing this:

Oh Miller you are a Biller! (Biller: bil-er n. meaning baffling little trickster). He will still get some speech therapy. We are all about doing anything we can to help Miller be successful. But I think he might just be stubborn and one day all the words will come tumbling out!

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Anonymous said...

That's amazing! He looks like he just decided to walk and then did it!! He's so sweet. I bet he'll like to run like his brother. :)
I'm so proud of you Buddy. Nana loves you!