Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Neighborhood Santa

Oh Clear Creek, how I love thee. A couple of times I have mentioned how much my neighbors love holidays. (Click here to read and see more about it.) This year didn't disappoint. Our neighborhood is full of Christmas joy. I have never seen so many lights. (Two nights in a row we have seen Escalade Limos taking a lights tour here.) This year there have also been many nativity scenes and "Happy Birthday Jesus" presents. In fact Tuscaloosa News has a Christmas Lights Map that includes three houses from our neighborhood. We have so much Christmas Spirit that Santa comes to see it himself. Every weekend in December Santa comes and visits from 6-9. It is the sweetest and most selfless and joy filled act for these neighbors that do this! I love it. This year we thought Noah was over his fear of people dressed up.... but no. He did at least step foot on the porch and speak to Santa. It is a start. Miller wouldn't participate either. Regardless I will cherish the memory of our sweet neighborhood Santa!

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