Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Promise of Summer

Oh summer how I love thee!

In two short days I will be released from my responsibilities of teaching history for the summer. Not completely since I am attending workshops and moving classrooms and teaching new classes that I need to brush up on. But you get the picture. In two days more free time and less stress and more TIME with my two ANGELS. I cannot wait.

Summer also gives the promise of more time to blog. May has been very spotty on this web address. But summer holds the promise of time to catch up. So many things to blog about. Like

the girl's weekend in Nashville almost two months ago, my new Etsy shop (don't worry I haven't sold a thing) my worries over Noah's fears, my adorable nine month old who claps on command, my desire to get healthy, my ever deepening love of Christ and all He has done for me (y'all have got to read One Thousand Gifts and Heaven is For Real), and my new idea for organizing my crazy life, and my upcoming return to the beach after a two years too long hiatus. And I can't wait to get back into cooking and for an Auburn AOPi reunion in Tuscaloosa this weekend!

Aren't you excited to kick off the summer with me?!

This picture is just for fun. Because it shows Adam's least favorite thing about summer :) But at least he has a helper right? My favorite thing about this picture is the light coming out of our front door. I remember riding around neighborhoods in the car with my parents looking at the glowing lights and thinking that one day I would have a home that would glow inside . Silly I know but just makes me think of family warmth. Adam just loves how much I love to leave light on :)


Shea said...

You get me excited about summer just reading. I'll have to look up your etsy page! And, what's your new idea on organizing...would love to hear!

Carrie said...

Ohhh Shea! The idea is a family command center for in the garage. It is a combo of several things I saw online. But a big wipe or chalkboard divided one for each family member and then a section for a Monday - Friday section to write the week's reminders. Each family member's section displays school calendar, art work photos etc and then has space to write reminders, memory verses and such. Then each person has a binder where all the school notes, prescriptions, important things to keep up with and communication and such is filed. The binder rests on the ledge. Then underneath each section is a hook for each persons bag or backpack. The best part is that if its in the garage none of it comes in the house! Clutter is a big problem for me. And you must walk past it coming in or out. But the big board can be expensive. So I will be watching garage sales and for coupons. I just want it in place for fall.