Monday, May 23, 2011

The Day Tuscaloosa Became My City

I have not been shy about how my heart has not been in Tuscaloosa. There are many things I love about living here and many things I do not. I have wished many times to be back in Birmingham or anywhere else at times. But in the past month that has changed. The tragedy that hurt Tuscaloosa last month is one that forever changed me. And while physically I lost heart lost its longing to be elsewhere. The Tuesday night before the storms I was working hard on my resume and cover letter to apply for possible positions in the private school setting. I was longing for the Christian atmosphere and environment and to be away from the daily onslaught of pain and godlessness I face daily. But the Friday after the storm when I stood on the streets of Alberta and embracing parents and students who came up to the school that day I knew I couldn't send them out. My students are that. MY students. And after all that we have been through I could not leave now. Last Wednesday night I was driving home from church with Miller and I heard this song for the first time, Jesus Rides the Subway. If you have the time and aren't familiar with it listen and read the lyrics. The premise of this song is Jesus and His mission. It was not to hang out with fellow religious leaders and righteous people. It was to minister to people. The song really got to me. I cried all the way home. I had to pull over. Not all of my students are stricken by poverty, not all are fatherless, not all are thieves. Some are. But they all have burdens. We all do. And over the past couple of days God has made it clear to my heart and soul that I am to be His hands and feet in my school. That I am to help my students and the staff lay their burdens down.And my heart longs to recognize Jesus everywhere He is. I don't want to turn my back on what He places in front of mine. Saturday we were coming back into town after spending the day in Birmingham. And for the first time in six years I felt like I was coming home and I liked it.


Shea said...

Love reading your posts, Carrie! You are an inspiration! Have a great week!

Brett & Mark said...

Carrie you always know the right way to say to say how you feel! I love reading your stories!! Your words are so encouraging! Thinking about you! Brett:)
P.S. Miller is so adorable!

Dad said...

I am glad you have "come home". That song tugs at me as well. We are all called to somewhere and we need to find it and embrace it as "home". We are called to carry others' burdens to make their journeys easier. I think God will help make T Town easier for you now that you know the call.