Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Mother's Day Mud

I had an awesome Mother's Day.

Several weeks ago I made photo books for our moms and I made myself a little Mother's Day present book as well. I am so glad that for once I took care of things early. Mother's Day hasn't been in the forefront of my mind of late.

This morning Miller was supposed to be dedicated. It was postponed. Nana headed out of town

with Puddin' for a reading conference and Mimi and Papa want to Lillie's baby dedication in

Macon. We Tuscaloosians were left to our own devices. After a sweet breakfast in bed we headed

to Calvary for worship. Dr. Lovett has been amazing in motivating and mobilizing our church to heal and minister to our broken community. I highly recommend taking a look at what Calvary is doing especially if you are trying to think of ways to help, God is doing amazing things.

The service this morning had absolutely nothing to do with mothers. Dr. Lovett said, "Being a mother is not the ultimate calling of Christian women. (dramatic pause) Reflecting the glory of

God is." Wow. That really impacted me. He reminded us that the church can be selfish. We want to do things the way we always have and celebrate certain things in certain ways. But it isn't

about us. It is about HIM. It was a great time to be reminded of being God's hands and feet.

Tuscaloosa is really experiencing an awakening. I love it. And I love that it isn't about me. My life isn't about me. When you get down to it that is kind of refreshing. My life is not about me. If only I could truly live like I believed that!

After the service a sweet church out of Montgomery fed us hamburgers and hot dogs and to Noah's delight a seemingly endless supply of Little Debbie snacks. Adam and I spent the

afternoon moving and putting together furniture for some of the families Calvary adopted. I had the pleasure of working with two International students from UA. We sent the afternoon talking

about Ghana. I can't think of a way I'd rather spend a Mother's Day afternoon.

The boys got some rest time in the late afternoon and then it was out in the yard to play with

Brooke and now sweet Baby Cade. Although he doesn't really play as much as he sleeps. Noah and Brooke somehow ended up in bathing suits and mud. But they loved every second and I couldn't have been happier watching their innocent joy.

I love being a mother but I think the best thing motherhood has done for me is bring me to my knees. It has taught me to be patient and forgiving and loving and humble and proud and dependent on God. I am thankful for my two boys and they ways they have taught me about the love of my Savior.


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