Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Midst

Life here in Tuscaloosa has been disrupted but it continues to be lived.

With an added sweetness and a greater appreciation. Adam has been working a lot and we both have been volunteering here and there. In the midst of recovery efforts Noah and Miller grow and thrive. And they spread joy!

Miller has become mobile. He is officially a crawler. I will add video soon. He takes so much pride in being a crawler! tooth pop out. Sweet boy. He also had a Noah has started to draw letters. He has conquered H.

And he will sometimes turn his H's into ladders, which I thought was very creative. He also can do O's and I have seen a sparse A. He is close to writing his name. I am so excited for him. He is so proud of his new talent.

I love that both boys daily remind me how precious life is and not to let it pass by without cherishing it!

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