Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Easter Tree

You all know I love a Holiday! One thing I have really been working on is creating traditions that really bring meaning to the holiday for Noah and Miller. A few weeks ago I saw the Easter tree on a blog that I read regularly. Last week Noah and I went looking for branches to create our own Easter Tree. And last night I stayed up too late making very crude ornaments for the tree. Each ornament tells a story of God's redeeming love for us through the death and resurrection of His Son. Hopefully next year I will start a little earlier and be able to make some better ornaments and add verses and things. This year I have an apple (Fall of Man), dove (Baptism of Christ), lamb (Christ as the Lamb of God), lamp (we are to be a light for God), bread (Last

Supper), coins (Judas' betrayal), Palm Branch (Palm Sunday), cross (Crucification) and best of all an empty tomb!

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