Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Easter Preview

This Easter post is hard to write. First because I took about 720 pictures this weekend. Literally. And about 200 of them are winners. It is hard to narrow it all down. And secondly because I am having a hard time writing a post about poop and Easter outfits, egg hunts, bunnies and the glory and grace of God. I am still humbled from what Easter truly means to me. I am in awe of my Savior and His Great Name. He has been working on my heart and He really met me in worship
this morning. He whispered my name and told me He died for me. FOR ME. And for you. And my heart is just still overwhelemed by this and how much He loves me despite how many times I deny Him, that I simply cannot post about all the other fun and abundant life lived this weekend. And I hope and pray that one day Easter is so real to Noah and Miller that they too are speechless. Until later here are just a few pictures from the weekend....

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Anonymous said...

I love Noah's outfit. I want more of that!