Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Snow Day

Last week we had some snow. These pictures loaded backwards from the way I intended so I will tell the story backwards.

After my morning with the boys I headed to school stopping off for a gas station hot chocolate (my favorite) and a chicken biscuit. A great start to the school day!

Miller Biller loved his short trip outside to play in the snow. He really loved his hat. And I really love him.

Noah got his pants wet. He told me he'd watch me play in the snow from inside. He didn't like it. At all.
Noah was not really impressed with the snow. It is kinda old news. It has snowed a lot in his sweet short little life. I had to beg him to throw snowballs. He watched me make a snow angel.
It started snowing Wednesday night and for once Tuscaloosa City made an early decision for a..... late start! Awesome! Sleeping in time!
I love snow. Love it! It covers everything in cleanliness and purity. God's amazing beauty.

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Mimi said...

Oh my little Noah! He reminds me of someone else I know and dearly love...who shall remain nameless...who doesn't like to get wet or cold or too hot or sticky or covered in sand and would rather watch from the window.
But he DOES love to drive "racecars"!
Noah finds his fun in other places too!