Monday, February 14, 2011

The Six Month Old

Last Thursday Miller turned six months old! He is just absolutely adorable. I really don't think I could love him more. Last night I was rocking him to sleep and praying over him and he was just laughing and smiling and snuggling. I loved every second of it. Pure delight on both of our parts. In the past month Miller has developed asthma (unofficially) and added many fruits and veggies to his diet. Miller is close to sitting up. He still adores Noah. Everything goes in his mouth. Still no teeth but I feel like they are just around the corner. I feel like these six months have both flown by and crawled. I can't imagine our family without Miller and his sweet joyful spirit. Six words on Miller:

Joy: When Miller is happy he exudes joy. It is contagious. You cannot help but feel it too.

Sweetness: Miller is the sweetest baby. He will look at you with those baby blues and flash a big smile and lean his head back. He will snuggle is little face in your neck.

Laughter: Miller laughs and laughs at words and tickles and Noah and Charlie. And Spikes.

Hope: I look at Miller and see a future of hope stretching out in front of him. I hope so many things for this sweet baby. I hope for an early and loving relationship with his Savior. I hope he keeps his sweetness and joyful spirit. Hope for a better world because of him being in it.

Happy: Miller does that sweet little baby thing where he gets super when he sees you come into the room. How can all your stress not melt away when you see this face light up at the sight of you?

Heart: I love how a mother's heart just grows when you add another little baby. I wasn't sure I could love another child the way I love Noah but I do. I do. I love my little Miller. He makes my heart so big and full. What would I do without him?

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Mom said...

Carrie Key Jones! What wonderful pictures! I especialy love the first one. Perfect lighting, perfect composition for a perfectly beautiful baby! You have learned the secret of taking gorgeous photographs......choose gorgeous subjects and check the lighting! :-)Is it time for me to retire?