Monday, February 28, 2011

The Hello and Goodbye

This past weekend Emily and I took our boys to Auburn to say hello and goodbye to the Toomer's Oaks. It was Miller's first trip to Auburn. I am sad to say that he cried for most of it. But Emy and I enjoyed spending time together even though we were outnumbered. Rolling Toomer's is a huge part of my Auburn experience. I am saddened by the loss of the trees and what they mean to my large Auburn family. I hope that some solution can be thought of so that my boys can grow up with this family tradition. I also took lots of pictures. A good hello. And a sad goodbye.

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Anonymous said...

They are majestic. I feel like I took them for granted all these years and now that they may not be there much longer I'm feeling the loss of something precious.
I didn't appreciate them while I got to make my few precious trips to God's country.
I know there just trees but they were our trees.
Thanks for the pictures.
Love, Sandra