Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Ex Friend

Sweet Noah is having rough time at school this week. It is breaking my heart. He has cried and cried and cried about school this week. Today he thought he heard me and ran out of his class and was searching the church for Mommy and Daddy. He is NEVER like this! He has made little comments about one of his classmates not being his friend anymore and that he hurts his feelings. What do I do? I already talked to the teachers. They had already separated them but he is still heartbroken. I knew that one day this would come but I thought he would be seven. Not three. Any suggestions on how to build up his little three year old self esteem without enabling? I hate that he doesn't want to go to school because of it! Talk about tearing out my working mother heart.

On a side note we are headed to the circus Saturday and I am so EXCITED!


Laura said...

poor buddy...

Anonymous said...

Indeed! It is tough and really not much you can do. I'm sure you've suggested other friends and talking about them. Usually, these things blow over soon.