Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Photo Opp

I bribed Noah with three Hershey Kisses to hold his brother and smile for the camera. Why do I feel like there will be a lot more of this bribery over the years? How bad do I want them to grow up to be the best of friends? I pray for it. Everyday.

I think I will keep trying for the perfect photo!

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Mom said...

O.K. I finally caught up on all your new blogs. Such a treat! The house looks beautiful. The pictures are great. The moments at Dickens Christmas look magical....but my favorite blog entry in the whole beautiful(and sweet)stack of stories has to be this one. Your photo's captured "Life at the Jones'" in a way that made me laugh out loud, including bribing Noah with chocolate kisses, Miller 'spillin" and Charlie always there to help...and don't forget that great big smile at the end. Was that for the kisses?
Thanks for some new smiles for the day!