Friday, December 3, 2010

The Advent Calendar

I have wanted to make this Christmas one where we really start to focus on teaching Noah about why the season is so important. I decided to make an Advent Calendar where we counted down to the birth of Christ and learned something about him every day. I found an idea about trees on Disney's Family Fun website.

I tweaked it and turned it into something that fit into my plan.

Each day I put a strip of paper with a message about Jesus and a special task and of course a Hersey Kiss. Example: "Jesus loves you! Tell someone else about Jesus and how He loves them"! or "Jesus is powerful. He preformed many miracles. Ask Mommy or Daddy to tell you about one of his miracles."

I love how it turned out and I am pleased that Noah remembers some of the things about Jesus so far, and not just the kisses. There were so many good ideas for Advent calendars out there. People are so creative! What kinds of Christmas things are you doing this year?


Laura said...

Carrie! That is INCREDIBLE! you could totally make those and sell them. seriously. martha you amaze me!

HB said...

CARRIE KEY JONES! OH.MY.WORD. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the trees. I just sat and stared at them forever. SO SO impressive and so so creative. Even though Evie is only two, she is so intrigued and I'm struggling so much this year, like you said, balancing between the "fun" traditions versus the important ones of why we are celebrating this month. You sell those and I'll be first in line........ hee hee. GOOD JOB! You deserve a SUPER MOM award! Even though it's just words on a blog, consider yourself awarded!! WOW!