Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Things Going on Lately

My mind is processing a million things at once while my body just wants to crawl into bed. This post is a list of random tidbits and random pictures (I can not find our camera. So I stole these from Emily's Facebook page. Thanks Aunt Emy!)
Xander and Lillie hanging out. Miller Baby in a box

- Noah has had a good week. I have spent a lot of time praying for my attitude and his. I am trying my hardest to react to him in love and patience because I know he is struggling with his new role.

- Miller is one month old! I will have a post about that when I find me camera.

- I had Mastitis a few weeks back. It was awful but it gets worse. Apparently Miller developed Thrush from an abundance of yeast produced from the antibiotic I was on for the Mastitis. It has been awful. But we are both on the mend and hopefully this is the last nursing hurdle for us.

- Emily asked Adam and I to be Xander's godparents. We are thrilled and humbled that she thinks so highly of our ability to be spiritual leaders and guides for X. We love him so much and look forward to serving this special role in his life.

- Tonight we took Miller and Noah to Wednesday night church. Adam attended a men's Bible Study and I went to hear our Pastor speak to married couples and parents in a small group setting. His message tonight was about The relationships your child needs in their lives. It was very pertinent to things I have been feeling and processing as I struggle to model God's love for Noah. How do you lead your children to Christ? Where do you start? With love. With acceptance. With grace. With forgiveness.

- I have not yet printed my personal planner for this year. I feel like I am just floating without it. Something is wrong with the printer. And I put off all technology on to Adam. Because I lack the confidence to attempt it myself. I don't even know who we are playing next week. Or how many weeks there are left in September. What is today's date? Help me.

- Where is my camera? Not in this house.

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