Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Labor Day Weekend

My Labor Day weekend did not turn out as planned. Some ways that was a good thing and in other ways not.

Friday was a great start to the three day weekend. I finally got my hair cut and colored after nearly ten weeks. It always feels nice to get a little update after having a baby.

Then we had Aubrey Kate (and her parents and Nana and Puddin too!) over for lunch. It was so good to see this growing cutie. Of course she cried both times I held her but she had a long day up to that point.

Later that night we had what was supposed to be a surprise visit from some of our best friends Dan and Jana Hillen and their two children Micah and Alana and Thomas and Dusti and their daughter Sela. The Hillens were down from Indiana for the weekend. Thomas, Dusti, Dan and Jana were the first friends Adam and I made together as a couple our first year in Tuscaloosa. Our weekends together included late nights of playing games and visiting coffee shops. Dusti and Jana are two women that know me so well and can really call me out on things when needed. We spent many hours talking, praying and sharing. Now we have five kids between us. This Friday night was a little different than those four years ago. But Jana and I are both nursing and we found that we can use that as an excuse to go into a bedroom with the three of us, babies and nursing covers and still get that peace and quiet for some of our old school talks. It was so wonderful to see the them. Even if Adam ruined the surprise. And Jana has the best double stroller ever. I have lusted after it ever since she let me try it out.

Saturday is when things took a downhill turn. I woke up feeling like I had been crying for days. I hurt. Sinus pressure and headache. We were packing up to spend Saturday night in Birmingham celebrating Puddin's 60th Birthday at his surprise party. I just felt worse and worse. We stopped first at my parents house to drop off Charlie. I had the chills and was developing a fever. Needless to say I missed the next 36 hours of the weekend with some kind of nasty and random sinus virus. (I was so sad to miss the party! And the Auburn game!) I had to depend on my parents and their hospitality and help yet again. Mom and Emily took care of me Saturday night. Sunday while Adam was at work they kept Noah busy and helped with Bitsy. Then when I was feeling better Monday morning Dad took us back to meet Adam. I am so thankful for their love and help. You never stop being a parent.
Monday got better. Jennifer, my super neighbor bought a massive blowup water slide. She and Teral had the kids over to play. Noah had a blast! Noah was "doing laundry"! Don't I wish :) Overall the weekend made me even more thankful for my friends and family. What more can you really ask from a holiday weekend?

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Dad said...

Glad to be of help. Parenting is a lifelong job - I don't believe it gets easier. Just different phases and different needs and expectations.