Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Signs That Surely Going into Labor is Close

Nesting.... I think I am nesting. I think maybe I nest differently than other women. I don't have an overwhelming desire to clean the bathrooms or scrub floors or rewash baby clothes. But I do want to cook and keep busy. Take this afternoon for example, we dropped Adam off at work around 2:30. We got home hot just before three. And Noah had had an accident in his carseat. I cleaned him up and the seat. Then he had another accident in his new outfit. I cleaned him up again. I unloaded the car(I know, I shouldn't have.) unpacked all the bags, defrosted steaks for dinner, did four loads of laundry, made the previous post about the weekend, roasted Greek potatoes, repacked smaller and more thought out hospital bags, and then attempted to make homemade bread for dinner. All by six thirty. That has to be nesting right?

On a side note... does anyone make bread? My attempt at a supposedly simple baguette recipe failed. Can you let yeast foam too much? That is one thing I think might have gone wrong.

Irrational Irritability.... I am a average patient person under normal circumstances. It usually takes a lot to irritate me. But lately... not so much. I usually can take Noah's one thousand questions in stride or I could easily chalk up his talking back and attitude to normal two year old behavior but lately it hasn't been so easy. I can usually stub my toe or trip over Charlie without any second thought but lately words pop into my mind that I loathe and would never use. What's next? I actually say them outloud?? Let's not talk about how I am losing patience with my super husband who is doing absolutely nothing but his absolute best to keep up with my mood and whims. That is pregnancy right???

Surely these are signs that the end is near. Right?????

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Lindsey said...

I am WAY impressed with the amount of cooking you have done in the last few days - dinners at your house these days sound much better than dinners at mine! :) Will be praying for you as the time for your sweet new one gets closer!