Monday, August 2, 2010

The Boys' Rooms

I feel like I have been working on their rooms all summer. But really I haven't done much but envision what I wanted things to look like and then instruct my awesome and willing volunteers to help me make it happen. Things aren't quite finished. I have a few ideas that still need flushing out and work.
Noah's Room:
Noah's Big Boy Room began with these buckets I found at Target last year for his 2nd birthday party. I love them. And so does he because of the cars and trucks. I thought the colors would be a great starting point for his room. Now we use them for storage on top of a shelf for toys.
My sister gave us Micheal's bed and quilt which matched perfectly with what we wanted. It was natural wood and our original plan was to stain it dark to match this bookshelf we had and his train table. But it didn't want to take stain. Adam sanded and sanded and tried with no luck. So we painted it blue to match the quilt and buckets. The lamp here is one I'd love to replace if I could find a shade or lamp that was car related and reasonably priced. The wall space above his bed is very BLANK. I must fill it. I am thinking of some or one canvas art piece. But I am not sure yet exactly what I want there.
The curtains are another spot where I have an idea I'd like to make work. They have an option for tabs that would give them just enough to touch the floor. I'd like to attach strips of matching plaid to the tabs and tie them just in simple knots. I think it would give the curtains a little something extra and tie back in the plaid. But its 100 degrees and I am nine months pregnant and Noah doesn't really like to fabric shop!
This truck decal I ordered from Etsy. I planned on ordering a whole road scene that was adorable but decided this $12 truck fit our budget better than the $50 road scene. I can always add to it. I think my sisters and Adam are really glad about my decision. This decal was the dickens to apply. This rocking chair was my Great Grandmother's, who I am named after. I am so excited to have it in my house and especially to rock Noah in it. I want to create a plaid slip cover for the cushion. I roped Emily into painting these windows. I had bought them last summer at an antique store and had planned on using them in Noah's nursery. But they spent all that time in the garage. I had Emily painted the same cars and trucks from the buckets. At first I intended to use them like frames and put pictures behind the glass. I still might. But right now I love them just like this. We put his train table underneath the windows. He has a lot of furniture and toy storage but I was surprised that he still has decent floor space. He really likes his room and I think it will grow with him for a couple years. I am really pleased with how it turned out. Miller's Nursery:
Miller's room has been much slower to put put together. Mostly because we concentrated on getting the clothes, blankets, other baby things washed and organized. So the decorative touches have been slow to come together. I am still not sure how I will finish everything up. I knew we were going to use the same furniture and white bedding. But I wanted to but a preppy twist on things. We picked a smoky blue that would work with green, white, navy and black. I thought Navy would make the room too small. I got inspired to create his monogram from a Pottery Barn catalog. The ribbons are supposed to hang from pegs. My mom and I have had a time with those pegs. They may not ever make it up on the wall! We did the same thing above the changing table... they are waiting for pictures of his sweet face.
Then I used the same ribbons and tied them to the curtain panels to tie them in to the room some more. There is a lot of blank wall space I am dying to fill in this room. It is kind of sparse.I really wanted to use the green and white and navy and white polka dot paper(or material) to do some kind of silhouette framed art piece. I've thrown around the idea of small black frames with a picture of each month. I've considered shadow boxes. I just don't know. It will probably be a few months before I nail it down for sure. I'd like to add some matching ribbon to the lampshade as well. My friend Kerri painted this canvas for Miller. It will definitely be finding a home in the room and maybe I will figure out what else the room needs.
(I accidentally repeated two pictures. I'm not sure why but I couldn't delete them. So I just made them tiny. Sorry.)


danajk said...

Two beautiful rooms for two beautiful boys! Can't wait to hear all about Miller's arrival!

Laudan said...

Their rooms look great! I can't believe Miller is going to be here any day now! Please keep me updated :-) I can't wait to meet sweet little Miller!

Laura said...

How exciting! You've made SO much progress!! I'm sure Noah is LOVING his big boy room and Miller has such a precious nursery ready for him!

Carrie said...

Thanks! Any ideas for those blank walls?

Anonymous said...

Everything is beautiful!