Friday, July 16, 2010

The Week's End List

I love reading people's lists of thoughts, suggestions and recommendations. I had my own list rattling around in my brain of things I have come across or thought of that I thought I'd share. I hate to say that this will become a weekly thing because then I would probably fail to make that happen. But for now here is this weeks list of random things:

1. Paul Mitchell's Super Skinny Serum- My hairdresser used this on me last week along with several other products. This week I went by Ulta and they were having a sale and I found a little trial bottle of it that just wanted to be brought home. So glad I did, it is awesome! (I know people are thinking why is Carrie recommending a hair product her hair is always in a ponytail....not anymore folks :) ) My hair is soft and super shiny. It cut down drying time and it looks like I flat ironed my hair. I didn't. But it isn't greasy, it feels and looks freshly washed.

2. Around the Town All Year 'Round- I saw this on one of favorite blogs several weeks ago and we finally managed to get it at the library yesterday. It doesn't have a story persee but very detailed pictures with story lines built in. It shows the same six scenes (house, farm, train station, downtown shops, construction site downtown and a city park) in the four seasons. It would be good for all ages. Noah and I just looked for the cats in each scene and how the places changed. But older kids would notice mysteries along the way that get solved and all sorts of side stories. Noah entertained himself with it for thirty minutes today. Now that is a good book!

3. Plain Chicken- I know I have recommended this blog before but you should really check it out. This week I made Buttermilk Grilled Chicken, 7up Biscuits, Herb Drop Biscuits, Gorgonzola Penne Chicken Pasta, Weeknight Enchiladas, and Mexican Rice. We really enjoyed all the recipes and they were pretty easy to follow. There isn't anything on her blog I wouldn't want to try. (Besides seafood) My blood sugar has also responded well to the cooking. She gives suggestions on some recipes on substituting things to make healthier choices. (alternatives to cream, using low fat or fat free options for cheese and creams, whole wheat breads and pastas). By monitoring my portion sizes and balancing the meals with veggies I have maintained awesome numbers while really enjoying everything I put in my mouth! I can't wait to try some of her sweets when I can and when exercise becomes more a reality. Please try one of the recipes soon!

4. Sleepytime Tea- I love hot tea. Not so much in the summer but recently I decided to break out the Sleepytime Tea again. Anything to help sleep come and stay these days. It has a yummy flavor and there is just something about sitting in bed with your book and cup of tea. I am sure it is just the power of suggestion but every night this week I have had a cup, I have slept better and my morning blood sugar reading has been about seven points lower than last week.

5. A Floor Fan- If you ever find yourself in your third trimester of pregnancy in the summer and you are unbearable hot, I have a tip. The power company recently included a tip sheet in our monthly bill. They suggest keeping your air conditioner on 78 degrees (that's funny) and running your ceiling fans on high. Apparently running your ceiling fan can make the room feel a whole four degrees cooler. Well, I figure if you have your ceiling fan on and a floor fan blowing directly on you it must make it a whole eight degrees cooler, right? So here's my tip. Negotiate with your husband the absolute lowest temperature your air can be at (in our house it is 72, at least when Adam is here;) ) run your ceiling fan, and then position your floor fan on your side of the bed where it blows right on your face or back all night. You might actually cool down enough to fall asleep :)

6. This week God has really been showing me things I take for granted and things I should be be more thankful for in my heart. And in turn the little things I should be praising Him for. Often the big things are so easy to see and offer thanks for but He often shows me its in the little things that He shows His deep love for me. So I thought I'd end my list this week with another little list of things I've taken for granted some small and some big...... my family's willingness to serve, the way rain cools things down, rainbows, the way it feels to hug someone in my normal non pregnant body, Noah's aversion to being in trouble, Adam's patience with his moody wife, Griffin's willingness to play with Noah and the love for his son, Nana's health, the beach, Emy's laughter, the importance of parents spending time together, all the options for communication these days. Thank you Father for these things. Help me to be more conscious of them and to truly appreciate them.

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