Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Lost and Found CD

Several months ago my favorite CD of Noah's seemed to drop off the face of the Earth. The CD was Sing Over Me. This collection of praise and worship lullabies has been very special to me over the past two years. Noah and I have spent many hours rocking to this CD. And I have really met God in worship while rocking my sweet boy. In fact the name of this blog comes form one of the songs on the CD. Well today while organizing things in the office Mimi found our CD! I was so excited and couldn't wait for bedtime.

Noah is very active these days. VERY ACTIVE. Bedtimes are chaotic battles of the will. He uses every excuse not to go to sleep . I need four hundred more hugs. I need some water. I need nineteen more stories. I need to tell you a secret. I need to pick up my toys. Tonight I read his stories and told him I had a special CD. He recognized the music and laughed his excited laugh. And I had an idea.... I asked if he'd like to get in the rocking chair and rock with mommy. Well of course he did, its not bed.

So we got into my great grandmother's rocking chair. There isn't much room in my lap right now. But Noah wrapped around my belly and his brother. He laid his little head on top of his brother. Miller moved around a lot despite how calm we were. He was pressing hard like he was trying to break free of me and sit in my lap too. We rocked probably twenty minutes. I sang and prayed over both my boys. Noah hasn't been that still in months and while I truly enjoy his energy I have missed holding on to him. Most of my prayers tonight were of thanksgiving for Noah's sweet life and little heart and big personality and for finding "our" CD. Hands down the best twenty minutes of my week!


Mimi said...

Seeing your face when you walked out of Noah's room last night may have been mine! I really love the way the Lord knows EXACTLY what we need and when we need it! Knowing that helps me relax more and trust Him with the seemingly overwhelming needs of my beloved growing family! He is in control. He never looks away or gets too busy. He is never lost under a pile of papers in the office...even if it feels that way sometimes!
Thank YOU Lord!

Laura said...
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Laura said...

priceless..and what a gift in His perfect timing. Pretty sweet of Him to let Mimi have the honors of delivering the CD. I pray for you and your boys (all four of them :))often. love you lots