Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Date Night

Noah went to spend the night with Nana and Puddin last night so that Adam and I could have a Date Night. We are super thankful that our family is close by that we can have these Date Nights from time to time. But we figured with two it might be a little harder to get away. We wanted to have one before Miller gets here to enjoy being a couple before we are a family of four! (Still sounds weird to say.)
We went out to eat at the Macaroni Grill, we used to go there a lot when we were dating and engaged. But alas, they no longer have my favorite on the menu... BBQ Chicken Pizza. Then we went to see Inception at the Summit Theaters. We haven't been there in years! It isn't anything like what it used to be back in the day. We laughed about driving up and down the Summit as if it were the Strip in Panama City during Spring Break. Growing up in Birmingham we were often at the same places at the same time. We probably had run into each other without ever knowing it. On the way home we talked about the coming changes in our life together and how we were excited and nervous about Miller. And this morning we slept in until eleven! Who does that?

Adam and I have a simple love story. I have been boy crazy since I was two years old, when I proposed to eighteen year old. Since then it had been one crush after another fortunately there were just a few relationships,, I was very shy and rarely acted on my crushes. Freshmen year of college I was forced to interact to find dates to parties and formals. And I loved it. In fact I fancied every first date to be the "one". Ask my roomates and friends. The boys didn't really feel the same. At all. So after a year of heartbreak and frustration I prayed that God wouldn't let me be pursued by another guy until he was ready to bring me my husband. This didn't mean I stopped crushing. I am sure my friends would volunteer lots of stories :) But it did mean I was spared major heartbreak and that I was a little lonely from time to time. When I asked Adam to a Fall Formal my senior year he was another crush. But by the end of the night we had shared our testimonies, stories, and dreams for the future I knew this was different. By the end of the weekend I was his girlfriend and I knew that this was the guy God had made for me. I loved him from early on. Adam was careful and guarded both of our hearts along our dating relationship something I treasure even now. I didn't know I could love him anymore than the day I married him. But when I was pregnant with Noah, I only fell more in love. When Noah was born I really feel that my love for Adam doubled. The idea that my heart could love him even more with the edition of our second son excites me. I love that the addition of children has strengthened our relationship and love for each other.

I love every second of our Date Nights together. I look forward to another one soon. Even if it is a rented movie after both boys are down between feedings. Or five months down the road. I love being in love. And I am so thankful for the love story God continues to write for me and Adam.

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