Monday, June 21, 2010

The Fathers

Yesterday was Father's Day and I am so very thankful for the dads in my life!

For my daddy.... I am thankful for his steadiness. Always patient with me and my problems, always constant in his routine and responses and most importantly his faith in God. I am thankful for his love and how it shaped me.

For my father in law... I am thankful for his wisdom and sense of humor. I am thankful most for the example he set for Adam and the role he played in shaping and influencing the father and husband he is.

And most of all I am beyond thankful for the father of my sons. Adam has surprised me with what an amazing dad he is since the second Noah was born. His love for Noah is constant and unbounded. He is involved in every decision and cares about all the details of Noah's sweet young life. He is truly a partner in this roller coaster ride we call raising Noah. There is nothing I love more than watching him and Noah play. I am so thankful for the example he is setting and the love he is pouring out to Noah and soon to Miller! I love you and thank you for loving me and Noah so so much!

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