Thursday, May 6, 2010

The First Mother's Day

This Sunday two of my sisters will be celebrating their first Mother's Day. I was thinking about it the other day and got really emotional. Partly because that's me, God made me an emotional creature and partly because I am pregnant and cry at just about everything. (And if you asked my students they would tell you I also get mad over nothing.)

Last Spring when my baby sister called to tell me she was pregnant, I was devastated. She was young and unmarried and this was not the future I had wanted for her or prayed for her. It took me awhile before I could really be excited about the niece or nephew she was carrying. Of course now I could not be more in love with my adorable nephew Xander. And I could not be more proud of the mother Emily is. She amazes me. She has truly been a natural. I tear up just thinking about it. She has a long and rocky road ahead of her but she truly delights in her son. And she loves the interaction between Xander and Noah. I usually don't have such a problem with words but I just can't express how full my heart is when I see Emy with Xander. I love it.

Robin had a beautiful miracle on April 14th. Her road to motherhood has been a long, painful and now full of joy and blessings. I love seeing images of her (and Chris too!) with Aubrey Kate. This new mother and daughter duo is an answer to so many prayers. Aubrey Kate is truly a reminder of God's faithfulness and love for His children. I can not wait to see them in person!

(I steal pictures from other people's blogs. I know it is bad. But this is from Aubrey Kate's newborn shoot. Please click here to see more adorable pics and see the photgrapher's website information.)

I am so excited for these two! Happy Mother's Day Emily and Robin! I love you both!!

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Emy said...

thanks carrie =) i love you very much. this isn't how i pictured starting my own little family would be, i know it isn't going to get any easier anytime soon... but i'm SO blessed to have a lot of love and support from my family. =)

of course i love watching noah and xander together! =) it's so amazing... and i can't wait for miller to get here so he can play too!! i can't help but smile (and shed a joyful tear or two) when i think about the three of them growing up together, playing in mom and dad's backyard, roaming the "forest" at grannyland... all the while getting to spend time with you =)