Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Quiet Week

It may have been a quiet week on the blog but not all a quiet week around here! It was prom week and our first niece arrived in the world!

Prom 2010.... Arabian Nights.

It was a stressful week. It was less stress than last year because I had my intern Brandi who worried about the teaching part while I focused on prom stuff. But I feel like I was doing this with half a brain. I am not sure how other pregnant women feel but I feel like a complete scatterbrain! There were some tense moments and late nights.One of my freshmen actually asked me why I was so stressed out about prom. Was it because I couldn't find a dress to fit me? And I have never felt so tired in my life. Every inch of my body hurt and I could have slept for days on end if I didn't wake up every so often to use the bathroom. It is all worth it if the kids had a good time.

I wasn't really concerned with taking pictures so you can't really see the oasis tents over the food buffet, desert treasure centerpieces, iron lanterns, or Arabian Palace cut out that everyone signed. But can you get the picture? The teachers seemed to have a good time. I thought the kids looked happy. The most stressful moment was when we tallied votes and discovered that the Prom Queen wasn't there yet! We stalled as long as we could. And about ten seconds before we recognized the prom court she walked in. What was odd was that every student left by 11:30. Everyone was happy about this but me. Why did they go? Did they hate it??
Clean up was easy and quick. Adam and I ended the night at Waffle House with eggs and bacon. The first WH we stopped at was filled with kids. We quickly left the parking lot and headed to another. My heart broke when I saw when I saw one of our kids standing on the curb by himself. There is a story behind that I'm sure.
I am thankful for Adam and how much he loves me. He was there to support me the whole way. I also greatly appreciate all the teachers who helped and encouraged me. And I am thankful for my sweet neighbor Jennifer who brought me cheesecake, a mommy sippy cup (adorable painted wine glass) and an outfit for Miller as surprises Thursday afternoon.

The arrival of our niece....

On Wednesday amidst all the preparations our beautiful niece was born. Robin delivered via C-Section Wednesday April 14th. Everything went wonderfully. I hated not being in Texas to welcome this little miracle to our family. She is beautiful and bringing so much joy to her parents and grandparents, aunts and uncle. Welcome Aubrey Kate!!!! I can't wait to share in your sweet life. You are an amazing answer to prayer. I already love you so much!

As I relaxed and recovered from prom I got to try out my new toy... the Cricut and Mini Monograms. I had fun in quickly creating a page of Noah's baby book in five minutes. And I actually like the way it looks (unlike the pages I did free hand.) I might actually finish his book before Miller is born! Anyone want a banner?

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