Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Love Actually Blog

I don't even remember how I came across this blog the other night but I absolutely love it! It is all about romance on a budget and creative dating of your spouse. For example the last post suggests photo shopping the weather report to forecast 100% chance of romance on a particular day. Or giving your husband a bag of Hersey Kisses that he can exchange for a real kiss anytime. It also has a whole list of date night ideas and "staycations". I am not sure if the author(s) is a Christian or not but the blog is about the marriage relationship and is pretty clean. (I haven't read every entry so hopefully I am not leading anyone astray!) I am so in love with Adam and SO thankful for everything he does to show his love to me and our sons. I am often amazed that I can continue to fall even more in love with him every day. But unlike me he doesn't receive in all five love languages (gifts, words of affirmation, quality time, physical touch, and acts of service). I crave all of those in large quantities :) Adam is harder. So I was really excited to have a blog to give me some suggestions and ideas to help me show him just how much I love him! I was hesitant to post about it because I didn't want to spoil it for Adam. But I just really couldn't keep it to myself. Maybe I'm meant to share it with someone else! Check it out here.


Sally said...

oh wow! this looks awesome, I'll have to add it to my google reader and start following it.

Mom said...

Sounds like it has lots of great ideas....except for the exchanging hershey kisses..........can't eat 'em if you have to exchange 'em..........oh wait.then YOU get to eat them ;-)