Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Mover and Shaker

Miller is a quiet little baby in the womb. He is still most of the day just resting sweetly on top of my bladder. Every once in a while he will give a little kick. The past couple of nights though.... different story. He is really going to town in there. I love it! I like to think that he will be a sweet little boy. Maybe he won't throw public tantrums or say to me, "No mommy. You do not say no to me." Maybe but unlikely. He will probably be just as spunky as his big brother. And just as adorable!

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Jana said...

LOL!! micah and i had that exact conversation just a couple days ago. i told him "no" about something and he stopped and turned to me(very serious-like) and said, "mama. you don't say 'no' to me!" i chose to ignore it . . so he moved in closer and said it AGAIN!! ugh. LOL