Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Easter Weekend

Adam, Noah and I enjoyed a wonderful Easter weekend. Saturday we went to the Calvary Preschool Easter Egg Hunt. It was inside due to rain. Noah zeroed in with intensity on a ring pop he found. Our parents, Emy, Griffin, and Xander all came over and we hunted Easter eggs, dyed Easter eggs, and ate a massive Easter feast. We had so much fun!
We read Noah lots of versions of the Easter story. Noah thought all weekend that eggs were Easter. He kept saying, "I wanna eat my Easter. Please." We tried to explain that Easter is a time of celebration for Jesus. He told us Jesus and the cross were in the Bible storybook. Guess we will have to work on making Jesus real. Which is what our Easter sermon was on this morning. Making Easter real. Living transformed lives. It was a great time of worship. Then we went and worked with our four year old class in the Treetop. After church went down to the University of Alabama's quad for our 2nd annual Easter photo shoot. (I will post them separately, mostly for the grandparents) We ate yummy leftovers for lunch and took naps. I love Spring and its beautiful reminders of the new life Christ brings us! I hope everyone had a great Easter weekend as well!

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