Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Privilege of Being Loved

The mysterious "fever virus" has a hold on us. Noah has recovered, in fact he was recently seen running circles around the house screaming, "I'm RUNNING! I'M RUNNING! LOOK AT ME!" Adam and I are a different story. We had to enlist the help from Nana and Puddin'. As much as it warms my heart to see him running around after days on end of fever and cough... we really were struggling to keep up in our run down condition.

We ordered take out from two different restaurants and went to get them, me in my pajamas. I was in bed by eight-thirty.

Being pregnant I woke up at four am and then every forty-five minutes until I gave up and read a book. My book was a sad story about a mom whose life and marriage fell apart. When I finished it I just started at Adam and prayed, thanking God for my marriage and husband. I am so thankful for being in absolute love with my husband. For being attracted to him. For fighting with myself about waking him up just to talk with him. And then I am again humbled by his love for me. What have I done to earn or deserve his love. Nothing. I haven't had the energy to do anything remotely wifely in months. And he has patiently picked up my slack. Without complaint.

Then just as I was slipping down the guilt spiral Adam opened his eyes and looked into my face. I absolutely love his eyes, they change color and this morning they were grey, matching the color of the walls. He smiled. What a privilege to be loved by such a wonderful man. Our morning being lazy didn't reassemble anything like the past lazy Saturday mornings, with the hacking, running noses, fever and sneezing. But somehow Adam thought I was beautiful.

It is my prayer for my children that God blesses them with a love like ours. An everyday run of the mill love story. Where patience and commitment are more important than fancy dinners and romantic getaways. Where we can fall more in love with each other over a box of Kleenex and juice. If Baby is a daughter I hope she has a husband who boosts her self esteem by telling her she's beautiful when she is pregnant and sick. If Baby is a boy, I hope both my sons will learn from their father's example of making their wives feel treasured through servant leadership.

I have been wearing the same t-shirt for thirty six hours, haven't brushed my hair or showered today and I still feel like a princess who is adored. And Adam's gift of pregnancy approved cold medicine and a SunKist might as well have been jewels.


Adam Jones said...

Thanks for not waking me up. :)

Your words are sweet and undeserving.

Mom said...

Adam Jones, I already loved you when I stood watching you watch my beloved daughter walk down the aisle toward you and her new life 5 years ago. What I did not know is how much, much more I would love you as the years go by! All those prayers I prayed while for Carrie's future husband over all the years........God anwered BIGGER and BETTER!
Thank you for the way you love my daughter, AND that wonderful little boy!
I do know that she really is beautiful even in her old tee shirt and with a messy smiling at her wasn't as hard to do as she thinks it was...but thanks for all the ways you show her!