Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Report Card

This piece of paper produced a lot of tears and some phone calls. 

This is Miller's first semester progress report from Pre K. And it is beautiful to me. I am carrying it around in my pretty new planner in a special pocket. I take it out to look at it from time to time. To most people it looks like a normal preschool report card but to me it is a sign of God's love and favor. Let me connect the two...

When Miller was a toddler it became evident that he was not going to be like Noah and that he was going to forge his own path. He was a late walker. And a very late talker. He had his pediatrician worried. He tested in to Early Intervention , a program designed to monitor children at risk for learning disabilities and help their parents and families assist in their development. During this time I worried a lot. I worried out loud, in my head, in my heart, in prayer, and in my sleep.

 There were things a long the way that eased my worries. ( like his interventionist who insisted there were no problems with Miller he was just stubborn , he tested out after a year, that he was a good at figuring out physical solutions to problems and his sense of humor) But these things combined with an early birthday had me worrying again about school. From Kindergarten to graduation. Would we make the right choice for him? He does everything in his own time and in his own way. Delightfully. But...... 

Then came the lottery for eight Pre K spots at the elementary school we are zoned for, out of more than 100 applicants Miller's name is drawn. An answer to prayer. When he started he would only tell me a handful of letters and maybe count to 6 or 7. Fast forward three months to this precious piece of paper. Miller is fine. He is developmentally on track. And the little stinker knows more than he lets on at home! He loves school and it's structure and he is thriving on it. Another amazing answer to prayer. A message to my heart and my layers of subconscious worry...."Let go. I have Miller in My hands. Stop worrying." 

Yes Lord.

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Sandra said...

It was amazing to see. He has made super progress while at his new school. God is good!