Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Prayer Bucket

I am so sad that I came just thirty minutes shy of not posting for a whole month. I love this little blog. It is my scrapbook and my journal and my picture album. I am not giving up yet. 

So very quickly before midnight ... 
In effort to encourage my littles to pray I made this simple Pinterest idea. Each stick has names of family members or neighbors or teachers to pray for. At dinner a few days a week we draw and include this person in our pre dinner prayer. The kiddos have enjoyed this and their prayers at bed have expanded. 

I share this not to brag on my parenting but just to share a simple idea that may help out your blessings at dinner! After the idea was someone else's but has been a added joy at our table . 


Anonymous said...

Sweet idea! Love those sweet prayers from the boys too.
Love, Nana

Robin said...

Great idea! Baby prayers are amazing. I know God smiles.

Mom said...

I am so glad you are not giving up on your blog. I love it too.