Friday, July 18, 2014

The Picture Catch Up

What have we been up to this summer?? 
No big trip or little ones. But lots of family and playing and milking the summer if every minute it gives us to rest and enjoy!

The past several weeks I har been enjoying the She Reads Truth study on the Sermon on the Mount. Life changing and beautiful glimpse if my Savior and His love for me. 
We take lots if selfies. The boys love them ;)
We have been catching seaweed with friends at the park. 
Catching Fourth of July fireworks in Homewood.

I got to take some great pictures of family. Love them. The people and the photos. 
Hanging out with cousins in all sides. 
Practicing flushing out eyes in case foreign objects like sand gets in them. 

Playing outside until the very very last ray of sunshine! 

Celebrating my baby love's first birthday! 

Trying out chalk paint. That didn't match my paint color on the wall. 

Splashing and splishing! 

Hanging out with other teacher kids at school. 

Baking for a neighbor's backyard birthday party! 

Loving on my neighbors. 

Taking advantage of free movies with friends. 

Just the normal enjoyment of lazy summer days. And although I will be sad to see it end I am looking forward to an exciting school year ahead. There is also the feeling if missing my children. The whole "you don't know how much you love it til it is gone" effect. I love summer at home with them but about this point my patience is thin with the constant mess, "keep your hands off your brother", "no you can't have another pudding cup". It doesn't take but a few days of school to appreciate them more and miss them and the mess. And then I'll start counting down until next summer.

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Sandra White said...

So glad to meet you @ Lakeside!
Love you memory-making summer with the boys!