Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Drive to Clear My Head

Some times you just have those days. No matter the sweet quiet time you had with the Lord in the morning. Or the super fun mom trick of driving through Chick Fil A in our pajamas for a special start to the day.  You just have those kind of days if mothering where you count down to when your back up arrives. Patience ran thin. The big picture of why obiedence is important was lost on my little ones. After dinner and pick up I ducked out of the bedtime routine for a drive. I thanked God for my husband and his gift of duty free bedtime. And then with the windows down and the music up I thanked Him for knowing best. My heart's desire since I was a toddler was to be a mommy. The stay at home kind. I spent years crying, wailing, and even shaking my fist asking why not? Didn't He want me to do what was best for them? Oh but He did. He knew the four of us needed me to be a working mother. A working mother with summers off. Exactly half the days in the year at home. And exactly half at school. For what is best for each of our hearts. Not just on the hard days but on the good days too. The insight He blessed me with on my head clearing drive was a little glimpse of the big picture. What a beautiful picture He paints! 


Mom said...

Sorry, Sweetie. You lost me on this one. The math part. ( never my strong point, you know) how is it exactly half? Weekends, holidays, sick days?
I definately do get the need for a head clearing drive away. I still do that occasionally ....
I will miss the extra summer time blogging and picture "fixes".... Counting down with you...just for different reasons.

Sandra White said...

Beautifully put! You have "it together", Girl!