Saturday, April 19, 2014

The post where I want to write but don't know what to say....

Almost another month has gone by without a post... I am not quite ready to give up the blog. It means so much to my heart to look back at the pictures of my little ones growing so fast and reflect on our memories. I am not quite ready to quit recording my thoughts and feelings about life working and raising my little men. But our days are busy and full and long. Sometimes I have trouble stringing words together at the end of the day. So here is a photo catch up with a few explanations: 
April calendar is full. But bright and happy. Makes me both cringe and smile! 

Enjoying the extended hours of sunshine with neighbors. 

Helping out my sister at the craft booth. 

Getting stories read by Papa.

Playing some soccer and playing with Nana. 

Wrestling on the sidelines being brothers. 

Playing in Mimi's creek and mud. 

Eating a little cake at birthday parties. 

Visiting with old friends and our many children. 

Sneaking in a treat here and there. 

Racing to find eggs at the school egg hunt. 

Soaking in Easter devotionals. 

Getting clean and oh so big. 

Doing research and playing around with Clean Eating. 

I love every busy second (well most). When I reflect in the past several weeks I think about how blessed we are. How much love we share and receive. 

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Anonymous said...

Life is busy for you all. It's so nice you are recording events on the Blog, and this Nana loves it!