Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The A Day Fun

I needed a little Auburn boost. I wanted to bathe my Tuscaloosa born and bred children in orange and blue. 

Sowe headed down to the Plains for A day. It was slightly wet but it didn't dampen our spirits.

The boys enjoyed the game. We visited Cam and Bo's statues, played on Samford's lawn and enjoyed some great food. 

Despite an overly tired preschooler and a Kindergartner in a stubborn mood Auburn never lets us down, it always feels like coming home. 
I can only hope that enough visits lie this one will build up Auburn in their hearts :) 

After all if it weren't for Auburn.....

Would they even be ? 


Catie said...

Your outfit is SO cute Carrie!! You know, despite the colors ;)

Sandra White said...

Yes, you outfit if precious(orange/blue run through my veins) and you look Great in it. Your work outs and "clean eating" seem to be working! You go , Girl!!

Anonymous said...

Good question! Looking back in our small family history, "Where would we be without Auburn?"
War Eagle!
Love, MIL