Monday, June 24, 2013

The Weight Update

I am in 12 weeks in to my changed forever lifestyle. I am still going to the gym five days a week. I still eat mostly clean. Although summer has seen me slip in some of my self control with a schedule that is constantly changing. But I still log my food in my Fitness Pal. I have added running into my fitness mix. So far I am down 23 lbs. (I have been hanging out there for a few weeks.) I have had my 20lbs prize (haircut, manicure, highlights) still working towards 25!

 Check out my new kicks celebrating 2 months at the gym.

Needed new ones since it had been 2008 since the last update. Still feeling awesome and full of energy. I keep reminding myself on days when I get frustrated trying to apply makeup after my shower while still sweating,it is all worth it. The payoff comes in  good health and more self confidence and hopefully more time with my family in my old age.


Laudan said...

You look awesome Carrie!! I am so impressed with your determination and consistency!!! You are definitely an inspiration :-)

Anonymous said...

Congradulations! You are looking good!