Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Sweet Boy

Noah is a human so like all humans he is imperfect. He has his weaknesses and faults like we all do but he has so much sweetness too. I thought I'd record some of his latest sweet stories....

We have been spending a lot of time at Mimi's lately as we are helping Aunt Emy get ready for her upcoming wedding. One day Noah and Xander were playing and Xander told me"Noah is my friend." And Noah chipped in..."No Xander I am your cousin and cousins are more than friends."

In the car on the way to or home from church (I can'y remember) Noah asked me if we could work on the Starfall website (which we haven't touched since summer) to practice his reading. He told me that he couldn't get all his sounds easily and that he really wanted to work on it. What a studious little one!

Miller is in the throw of his terrible twos. And they can get pretty terrible and will throw a fit at the drop of a hat and over little things. Tonight on the way to Target Miller was throwing a fit because he wanted Adam's hat. That was on Adam's head. Adam told him to ask and say please. Miller refused. And in the 11.8 mile trip to Target he screamed "Hat!" but would refuse to say please. Noah as sweet and as patient as could be said... "Miller, do you want to hold my hand? I would even give my hat to keep if I had it in the car."

Tonight dinner was after the pre mentioned Target trip. Adam and I were eating chili so we made the boys some quick sandwiches so they get  a bath and bed while the chili cooked. We were putting groceries away and cooking while they were at the table. Noah looked at Miller and says...."We should pray and thank God for our dinner, want to hold my hands?" And right there at the table my five year old led the two year old in a thankful prayer. Be still my beating mother's heart.

I am so thankful for the little boy Noah is and the one he is growing into. He is just so precious. I am thankful to be his mother. His little face is what keeps me going sometimes.

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Dad said...

Yes, he is a precious jewel. I thank God for him and pray that God will help him stay that way - soft, tender sweet heart. I also pray that it will not only be for his brother and cousins, but for everyone he comes in contact with. The world needs more sweet and tnder hearts.