Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Weekends in December

Weekends in December are spent filled with Christmas preparations.......
The first weekend we picked out our Christmas tree at our usual place...Lowes. So much Christmas spirit. We also drove through the nearby Nativity Drive Thru.

Adam loves trees. 

 The next night we decorated the tree and drank hot chocolate. After the babies went to bed we had a steak dinner for two and watched White Christmas.

Then Sunday to top off a Christmas filled weekend....
The CHUMC Christmas Program. The cutest thing I have ever seen. Each class sang some songs and then they enacted the Christmas story. Each sweet baby from one to five had a part. It was super sweet and adorable  Except the part where my Shepard started telling people to stop taking pictures from the stage. And got all his rowdy friends to join :) Embarrassing. 

The next weekend we attended a nativity scene hay ride. Such a beautiful program. Hundreds of lumieres. Christmas Story in a hay filled barn lit by candles. Precious. And makes it feel so very real. I also tried and failed at taking some more Christmas Card pictures. So we still don't have any. Miller refused to be photographed.

This week I have been fighting a little tickle in my throat and some aches and I refuse to be sick. I've had so much orange juice. Tried lots of different cold medicines. I made some Christmas buckets for my mom. We headed to Birmingham to celebrate Xander's third birthday and to help host a baby shower. But after the party things were going down hill so I ended up coming home and taking some time in bed hoping to rest and get to feeling better. So thankful for an amazing husband who allows such things:)

One of Xander's presents from his grandparents was the Tumble Bus at his party! He was so excited. Please notice Lillie in the full splits. We may have a little gymnast on our hands! 

Xander requested a Penguin Party! It turned out so cute. 

 On our way home we spotted someone visiting in the neighborhood....Santa!!! Noah wouldn't get any closer but he did tell Santa what he shoes?!?

One of favorite things so far about the season happened earlier this week. Our neighborhood goes all out with the lights. One house has this particular thing built in the yard looks like a lit up cage. I asked Noah what he thought it was... we talked about it for a bit. About an hour later he says "Mom I think I know what it is. It is a cage to capture the army and bad guys that were trying to kill Jesus when He was a baby." I smiled big. This isn't a story in any of our Children's Bibles. It came from school. In this crazy world it is so very refreshing to know that this influence is a good one.

So much going on this month and even more to come....

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